have some questions?

I am looking to have a party, how does your set up work?

Our set up is very relaxed. We’ll park up wherever you want us ahead of time and light the oven. Then come and watch the creation in action. A roaring fire, twinkling lights and sizzling cheese. We find that the most relaxed and practical service is to slice the pizzas straight out of the oven on one of our beautiful wooden paddle boards and hand them around your guests as you would canapes. This gives everyone the chance to carry on chatting (and drinking!) Your guests can also come and order whole pizzas for themselves from the hatch which we will serve sliced on sheets of greaseproof paper. A combination of the two works well. However it’s your day so let us know what works for you.

The practical bits you might need to know

Our oven is a bit of a slow beast and takes two hours to heat up. This means we need to be with you at least two hours before you want to eat. We need power for our lights and fridges; we can use our generator which will gently hum away in the background or we can plug into a standard 13 amp electrical outlet to minimise background noise. Both Claude and Vincent are heavy dudes, in dry weather they can get pretty much anywhere but in wetter weather when the ground is really soft they might struggle – let’s be honest even a tractor struggles on really wet, slippery terrain and when have you ever seen a tractor converted to a woodfired kitchen?

What size of party can you cater for?

We can serve approximately 50 pizzas an hour, with two vans we can serve 100 pizzas in an hour! So no party is too big or too small.

Dietary oddities

Don’t let having an intolerance be something to put you off. We stock vegan cheese and gluten free dough but the one thing worth mentioning is that we do use semolina and an aweful lot of cheese in the van and oven so there is a risk of cross contamination which is generally fine for an intolerance but not for a severe allergy – sorry.