A rich and indulgent alternative to tomato featuring instead mascarpone, parmesan, crème fraîche, oregano, olives & mozzarella.

Dont forget pre orders close at 2pm, if you miss out come see us at the van earlier rather than later to book your slot as we can sell out fast. Let us know if you are reheating them at home later so we can just part bake them for you. The hatch is open from 5pm – 8pm in Chagford on Thiursday.

Gluten-free bases are available with 24 hrs notice. Please be aware that our gluten free bases and vegan cheese option is not suitable for those with severe allergies as there is the risk of cross contamination with flour, semolina and dairy. Please contact us before ordering if you have any allergies so we can make you aware of the risks.

All you need to think about now for supper is what bottle of wine to open!







If you do have any allergies, please make us aware of them so we can be sure that our ingredients don’t contain something that might react badly with you. Here are the two allergens we are asked most frequently about: 

Gluten-free: while we have the gluten-free bases, you should be aware that there remains a risk of cross-contamination with semolina and flour that we use on the standard pizza bases and within the oven. If you consider your allergy severe then I’m afraid our working environment would not be safe for you. 

Vegan cheese: we can swap our standard mozzarella for vegan cheese but there remains a risk of cross-contamination with the mozzarella. Again, if you consider your allergy to be severe then our flamboyant working environment would not be safe for you.